Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Carolynn Sikorski Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Posted: 2016-08-14

Chapter 10: Power of the MasterMind


"This book has been confined, exclusively, to instructing the reader how to transmute the DEFINITE PURPOSE OF DESIRE FOR MONEY, into its monetary equivalent."

"If you are in the side of the stream of POWER which leads to poverty, this may serve as an oar, by which you may propel yourself over into the other side of the stream. It can serve you ONLY through application and use.  Merely reading, and passing judgment on it, either one way or another, will in no way benefit you...."

"ANYBODY can WISH for riches, and most people do, but only a few know that a definite plan, plus a BURNING DESIRE for wealth, are the only dependable means of accumulating wealth."


In the short time that I have been a part of the Think and Grow Rich group, I have learned so much about myself and my thinking (I did not realize how much negative chatter was actually going on until joining this group and being shown a different way!).  I am being shown how important a definite plan along with a burning desire for wealth have so much power!

I am reaching out for the oar to propel me into the other side!  I am realizing that this can serve me ONLY if I am willing to apply and use this.  I am tired of struggling with desperation and fear of forever being in poverty.

Thank you both Tuula and Ethel for all your support and not giving up on me!