Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2016-08-12


The Ninth Step toward Riches

Power is essential to be successful.

So how do we gain sufficient power?

Hill says, "Power, as the term is here used, refers to ORGANIZED effort,
sufficient to enable an individual to transmute DESIRE into its monetary
equivalent. ORGANIZED effort is produced through the coordination of effort of
two or more people, who work toward a DEFINITE end, in a spirit of harmony.
" I
repeat, in a spirit of harmony. Hill means leave the negativity elsewhere.

Hill suggests not all mastermind groups met his standard. He says, "PLANS are
inert and useless, without sufficient POWER to translate them into ACTION. This
chapter will describe the method by which an individual may attain and apply

If power is "organized knowledge," let us examine the sources of knowledge:

   1. Infinite Intelligence. Knowledge gained through Creative Imagination. 
      Properly constructed Autosuggestion or Self-Talk and "hunches and 
      from other mastermind members.
   2. Accumulated Knowledge. Knowledge gained from schooling and reading
      motivational literature. 
   3. Experiment and Research. This may be where new science has discovered
      methods in addition to the Accumulated Knowledge. We may also use
      Creative Imagination here, which includes "hunches and inspirations"
      from other mastermind members.

Hill says, "If you carry out these instructions with PERSISTENCE and
intelligence, and use discrimination in the selection of your "Master Mind"
, your objective will have been half- way reached, even before you begin to
recognize it." 

Many people study this book of Hill's. They use a webinar, a teacher may read
the chapter, the group may be tasked to read the chapter on their own. Many
different ways people have of studying this book, T&GR.

We must use, as Hill says, "discrimination in the selection of our "Master Mind"

You will not find a more discriminating way of teaching T&GR, by posting
lessons, speaking up and having a leader who knows how to communicate "hunches
and inspirations
" to the mastermind members. A leader who is teaching us how to
communicate those "hunches and inspirations" to others, like he does.

This MFF T&GR teaching will teach us how to implement the 13 Steps as Hill
recommends, if we have the proper DESIRE, PERSISTENCE and are COACHABLE. As
Michael says, "Be here a year from now.

I thank Michael and Linda for their ability to implement Hill's teachings and
pass it on to the many 1,000s of people who have and will come here to learn.

I thank the mastermind members for those who are learning and have learned the
techniques of Creative Imagination and passed them on to others.

Bob Shoaf
Alamogordo, NM

PS: I also thank each person who forms a mastermind group with me on regular
bases. We are helping each other learn how to gain power sufficient enough for
us to implement our DESIRE. I appreciate each one of them.