Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Rita Bingham Spring, Texas, USA

Posted: 2016-08-10

Think and Grow Rich Lessons

Chapter 9: Persistence

To some extent, we are all persistent.  Some get up every day and go to jobs where they work for 40 plus hours or so and expect to be paid for services performed.  We go back again week after week, doing the same work, expecting the same pay.  Persistent beings, don’t you think.  Just as a kid comes again and again asking their Mother for a puppy, she says no and waiting, then asking again, being persistent and expecting to get a different answer.  It’s a game, it they are persistent, they shall receive what they ask after wearing poor Mom out and asking at just the right time.  

And so should we be persistent as Business Owners, especially if we are Network Marketers and/or Salespersons.  We are all taught that a “No” is not a “No”, it only means not now.  If we get more information from our intended customer/client and continue to be persistent, we will get a “Yes” eventually.

Without “Persistence”, you fail before your start, with “Persistence” you will.  All of this though, must first start in the mind.  When you prepare a place for it, it comes, “If you build it, they will come”.  We’ve heard that so many times and it is true.  As Napoleon Hill stated; “A Man that thinks he can, will, but just the same, “A man that thinks he can’t won’t.

Persistence has a “True” role and it can’t be replaced by anything.  It is its own sense, just as seeing, hearing, tasting, touch and smell.  You’ re born with it.  A newborn baby is hungry or wet and bothered, it cries until that need is tended to.  A domesticated animal; cat or dog, is hungry or either wants to be let in or out of the house, it barks, meows or figures out a way to get your attention, it’s persistent, and has it’s need met. A high school Senior, gets a part-time job in the summer.  Saves their money, practices and takes the driver’s test to get their license and is persistent until they get that car.  An unemployed person fills out applications, follows up, goes on interviews and is persistent until they get the job. Persistence is insurance against failure.

When you’re persistent, your failures turn into victory, success and more that you ever anticipated.

As we watch the Olympic Games, we see how persistence, hard work, sweat, tears have all played a role in the lives of the athletes representing the United States.  Many of them have stories of how they were persistence in overcoming so much to come as far as they have come in order to represent the USA as the best of the best.  Overcoming poverty, cultural differences and so much more to get here.  I salute them for their courage and their persistence.  Their “Payoff”, Recognition, Honor and also a Gold, Silver or Bronze Medal and a place in history.

It Pays to be Persistent.

Lack of persistence leads to defeat.  If you entertain any one of the enemies of persistence, say procrastination, weakness of desire, wishing instead of willing, fear of criticism, you will surely fail at whatever you half-heartedly have has a thought in passing.  For surely if you had not procrastinated, had a strong desire, willed it to be so and had not feared criticism, you would have succeeded.  Just as the Man who lost a fortune being 2 feet from gold lost a fortune because he wasn’t persistent and stayed the course, many more have lost fortunes and sometimes even their lives for not being persistent. 

Many people aren’t persistent because they fear criticism.  Fearing what family, friends and the public may think if they pursue a certain course which they think they could succeed.  They let people who don’t really have their best interest at heart dictate their lives.

Many people in recent history have chosen to be persistent despite what other’s though or said.

  1. Michael Jordan continued to play basketball even though he was cut from his junior high team and told he just wasn’t good enough.
  2. Lucille Ball continued to act and had he own show for decades even after her acting coach told her she couldn’t act.
  3. Walt Disney continued to animate after he was told he wasn’t good enough.
  4. Napoleon Hill continued his pursuit even after many thought he was crazy.
  5. Henry Ford continued to request that his engineers create the V-8 engine after they told him it wasn’t possible.
  6. Shaquille O'Neal was told hes was too bing and too clumsy to play basketball.

These people were all successes.  Their Persistence Paid them well, both financially and in life, and we all benefited.

All throughout history we can find many who were persistent, who stayed the course and were successful pursuing their dreams.

Develop persistence. 

  1. Definite purpose
  2. Burning desire
  3. Definite plan
  4. Close out all negative influences
  5. Associate yourself with one or more persons who will encourage you though this plan.

Stay persistent with your plan, your desire, no negative influences, your network and reach your goal.