Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Kay Young Superior, CO, US

Posted: 2016-08-10

This was a great lesson to ponder.

One of my big issues has been finding my definite purpose....really perhaps more finding a burning desire....which leads to a purpose.  Recently, iI did an exercise that helps determine a desire...about anything.  That has helped.

Also, regarding the MLM industry, I have searched for a 5 Pillar company and due to not finding one for several years, have written my own 5 Pillar paper, somewhat similar, though not with the insight of Michael's experience..  I feel like I'm in one now, yet still am not sure about the recruit, recruit, recruit approach, though it does reward for customers. 

My own persistence has kept me going in this area and I DO have a sense of purpose in other areas as well that are not financially rewarding.  It has been my path to let things unfold, to be calm, and to persist. 

Regarding a plan, I'm very greatful to have found MFF because I am not going to do business in a recruit, recruit, recruit method.  It does not make my heart sing and I know that the friend and family approach is not the way to go.  I look forward to learning how to find leads of people interested in a MLM business.  I spent 2 years working on that online, with little results and also purchased leads.  Not the best.

I am an optimist and feel like the negative only makes me see my direction more clearly.

The alliance of people to encourage follow through is very valuable to me.