Think & Grow Rich Lessons
David Brown Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Posted: 2016-08-10


I thought that if we do not believe or have faith that what we are doing will bring about the results we are looking for it would be very easy to quit and even give up.

Hill looks at this in an opposite way; he says that persistence is the sustained effort necessary to create faith. That means that we must start carrying out the plan before we believe that it will work and that just didn’t add up in my head until I thought of some good friends of mine.

I have a few buddies that have been very involved for years in Alcoholics Anonymous. They say when someone comes to a meeting for the first time and wants to stop drinking that they have no faith in themselves to quit, that’s why they are there. They have nothing left, no faith that they can stop drinking on their own.

What they are told is “if you want what we have you must do what we do”, believe in something bigger than yourself and work a plan. The new person can see with their own eyes that the large majority of the members of AA are sober and pretty much have their lives in order. So they don’t have to have faith or even need faith in themselves they can see that the system works.

It’s the same for us in network marketing; we’ve tried to make it work. Some of us have been trying most of our lives, I know I have. I’ve been doing the same things for years with the same results “Failure and Frustration”, and in AA they call that insanity.

Napoleon Hill has given us a step by step plan that has helped many in their personal lives, and to achieve the financial success they desired. Like AA his steps work for the person that works them and we have the leaders in Mentoring for Free to prove that.

So we really do not need faith in ourselves first. We can see with our own eyes that the people in our Mentoring for Free master mind group have faith in something bigger then themselves and in the system.  They are working a plan to bring about the results they desire just like the ones that did it before them.

Thanks to everyone that makes this master mind group possible, David Brown