Think & Grow Rich Lessons
robert tucker Bay Point, California, United States

Posted: 2016-08-10

Robert Tucker, Bay Point, California, United States. Persistence

Whatever gal or desire that you have, persistence plans a major role for any success. I like how persistence is laid out

that it induce faith in everything that you desire to achieve for your success. as the Bible lets us know that faith is a

common senes opportunity that will get you in a good relationship with Master Logos when you tell him your plan for

success. True Faith is the head chemist of our mind blended with thought which lets us realize that there is no limitations

to whatever we desire when we use persistence they both work hand- in- hand towards our goal. We understand that the

starting point for whatever you want start with desire, and we must keep this forever in our minds daily but reach that goal

you need persistence which I call the stickability force that will give you the opportunity to succeed in reaching and winning

what you desire to have. with every desire and goal we set for our success there will be some oppositions or misfortune will

come unaware sometime, but with persistence it will build character  and help you to stay focus on you objectives.

With your "Master Mind" you can get support on how to use and understand how to use persistence and develope it for

your reaching of your objevtives. With everything we do we need the power of persistence to reach our dreams and by it

we can help others to reach and achieve their dreams. Having a definitness of purpose, good organized plan, will-power,

accurate knowledge, and belief in your ability with persistence as a foundation, you can win success to your dreams.