Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ryan McChesney Tampa, Florida, United States

Posted: 2016-08-10

Chapter 9



Everybody knows that life can be like a roller coaster. There will be some good times, and then there will be some bad times. However, have you ever noticed the difference between the top 2% of successful people in any profession and the other 98%? The answer lies in this chapter on persistence.


Now, you definitely need desire to achieve anything in life. However, if you have desire, but a lack of persistence, you will lose. No questions asked. Yet, if you have desire AND persistence, then you will win. It's not a matter of if you will win, but it's when you will win. Let me tell you a story about a baseball player I have so much respect for, and that is Kevin Kiermier for the Tampa Bay Rays.


I got to play a few games with Kevin during my time with the Rays, and one is the things I can tell you about him, is that he has a drive to succeed, and he won't give up. See, when the Rays drafted Kevin a few years ago, they never anticipated that he would make it to the big leagues. They expected him to only make it to Double A. Well, through his desire and persistence to succeed, Kevin played the game the right way by giving his heart into the game. He was easily one of the top 5 teammates I ever played with. But not only did he prove the Rays wrong by making it to the big leagues, Kevin is now considered one of the best defensive centerfielders in the game.


See, people view persistence as bugging someone or something they shouldn't be doing. And being persistent is completely different from the perspective of society. Persistence is about never giving up on your dream or goal, adjusting your plan until you get it right, and always being coachable. I guarantee you this, if you are persistent, you will win. Now, it's all up to you.


Ryan McChesney

Tampa, Florida