Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Connie Grimes Lubbock, TX, United States

Posted: 2016-08-08

Chapter 9


I REALLY enjoy John Wayne movies  Many of them are good examples of PERSISTENCE shown in various situations.  For our purposes, I would like to refer to "The Wings of Eagles."  It is (loosely) based on Frank "Spig" Weed, who was a commander in the US Navy, and a playwrite.  At one point in his life, he had a bad fall down the stairs and broke his neck.

 In the scene(s) pertinent to our purpose, John Wayne is lying face-down, with his head hanging off the bed and his forehead resting on a padded block.  His friend, played by Dan Daily, left him with this mantra, "I'm going to move that toe," (meaning one of his big toes).  "Spig" didn't buy it at first, but he repeated "I'm going to move that toe,"  several times a day.  Several times turned in to many, and many turned into hundreds of times a day with "Spig" repeating with much-felt emotion, "I'm going to move that toe."

We all can make a good guess to the outcome.  'Spig" not only moved that toe, but went on to walk (with the aid of braces and a cane).  One thing I have noticed since Chapter 2, is that everything is based on our level of DESIRE.  A strong DESIRE plus WILLPOWER gives energy to PERSISTENCE. 

Napoleon Hill states that "lack of PERSISTENCE is one the major causes of failure.  My personal journey with DESIRE, WILLPOWER, and PERSISTENCE starts three years ago, when  I was diagnosed with severe cirrhosis and end-stage liver disease (I now understand my liver is diseased, not me).

In April, 2014, Nathan tells me that I became so ill, I almost died.  I was life-flighted from ICU at University Medical Center in Lubbock to Baylor Hospital in Dallas, where I was on the liver transplant floor for two weeks.

I was given paperwork on what and what not to do.  The main item was changing my diet.  Whole foods, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, was first on the list.  I stopped buying the salty foods I like:  pickles, chips, V8.  I started reading labels.  Try looking at how much sodium is in the foods you buy.  Then, add all of it up to fit in a 2 gram (or 2,000 millograms) a day and jarred spaghetti sauce is 500mg for one-half a cup.

We started making our own spaghetti sauce and salsa.  Canned foods are low-sodium. We have become close friends with Mrs. Dash.  Everything we can is made from scratch.  All-Purpose flour instead of Self-Rising. Everything I eat or drink is added up and recorded.

Most important, I began to exercise.  I talked to friends, and found a personal trainer.  He comes twice a week and slowly worked me up to longer and more intense workouts, even when I am not home.  My primary physician stated my trainer has done more for me than he had. I have lost 120+ pounds and gained a better sense of myself (on which I continue to work and grow). When I went back to Baylor for a follow-up visit, my hepatologist (liver specialist), said I had done what 98% of people WON'T do.


My DESIRE was brought from NECESSITY, and from which I continue to reap the REWARDS of my PERSISTENCE.

Mr. Hill wrote, "...if one does not possess PERSISTENCE, one does not achieve noteworthy success."

MFF  has given me a platform by which I can continue to obtain this success and grow, in my health. in my faith, in my relationships, and definitely in our business.

Connie J. Grimes

Lubbock, TX