Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Melissa Forbes Atchison, KS, United States

Posted: 2016-08-07

I have struggled with persistence most of my life. My mom was always frustrated about how I started projects but never finished them. I like How In this book they give us a place to start. even if you can not do all the things you need to do for your business every day at first You can start breaking the elephant down into smaller bites by setting aside a set amount of time like 1 hour that you are going to devote to getting the things accomplished. Also If I am having a hard time with persistence I can look back and find the desire I had when I started to help me push through the hard parts. Or a stronger desire to help me persevere in achieving what I need to get done. Persistence has not been one of my strong points, but I have found since Joining this group and having someone to be accountable to has kept me going