Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Len Hollon Prattville, Alabama, United States

Posted: 2016-08-05

Persistence - firm or obstinate continuance in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.


I spent most of today pressure washing a deck and concrete driveway.  Since my flip flops were

getting wet and slippery, I took them off and worked barefooted. Now, boy are my feet sore.


Now I'm just an ol' country boy from Alabama.  When I was a child, not only could I stand all day 

on concrete, I could run on it without hurting my feet.  In fact, I could run on gravel or practically

any surface unfazed.  Why?  Well, back then, except for church on Sunday and then school when 

I got old enough I went barefooted all the time and my feet were tough.


Now, except for in the house, I wear shoes all the time.  Granted 98 percent of the time those shoes

are flip flops, but still the soles of my feet are covered.  Therefore, If I do something like I did today

my feet will be sore.


I could toughen my feet again, if wanted to be able to work standing on concrete or even run on gravel

barefooted.  (yeah that's gonna happen)  When I was a child I didn't even think about.  Now I would

have to make a conscious decision to endure the pain until my feet were tough again.


It is the same with my chosen occupation, network marketing.  Pain is coming.  There will be rejection.

There will people that "love me" that say I am foolish to pursue that "pyramid scheme".  There will be 

business partners that quit.  And the list goes on.  What I (or we) have to do is bear the pain and "keep

on keepin" on until we toughen up.


Fortunately. I have a master mind to encourage me to stay the course.  Thank you Michael and Linda, Bob

Shoaf, and all of you here for believing in me as I learned to believe in myself.


With Grateful Apprediation,


Len        from "Sweet Home Alabama"


Jeremiah 29:11