Think & Grow Rich Lessons

Posted: 2016-08-05

Have an organized plan and focus on getting what you need down to being done for the day, meaning that ater you complete your tasks on your to do list check it off.

Do as many things as you can today so thta you could have what others can't tommorow.

Here is what Lee leomns did at one time. He had a 90 day run. What did he want to accomplish in the next 3 months? What did he want to accomplish in one month? What did he want to accomplish in one week? What did he want to accomplish in one day? All the way down to an hour.

Thats when you are most focused an are working smart.

Also after acquiring specialized knowledge act on what you learned the day you acquired it. Because if you choose to procrastinate your subconscious mind will have less enthusiasm and your fear will increase. And before leaving persistence remember that action kills fear.

If you are getting customers and sponsoring others then your team will do the same. You are the message and the captain of your ship!! Get moving NOW!!

Lawrence Bergfeld

PS: There is a difference between a wish and a decision. A wish is something you say that you wil do but don't do. A decision is cutting other options out and taing massive action with the tools that you have to reach your goals. Have you been wishing or have you been taking massive action?