Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marion Lynn Connell Los Angeles, California, United States

Posted: 2016-01-19

A Mastermind group is just what I need.  I never thought of it that way.  I did know that the average of the earnings of the people you surround yourself with will be reflect in your own earnings. That's why I really don't try to associate with the people in building where I am presently staying. most are about nothing and not trying to get anywhere. I am cordial, just not social.

I do attend the New Peaks events, such as the "Millionaire Mind Intensive"  and the "Reignite", which is coming up this weekend in my area.  Each time I attend I meet a few more people than at the one before and occasionally see some I've met on previous events. Perhaps this time, if I can find a few within the areas I frequent I'll see if forming a Mastermind group is something they can relate to.

This sounds like an excellent plan. The action???? will have to fight against the fact that I haven't moved from my daughter's place. Can't invite anyone over, or even to the neighborhood.  I don't even stay there during the day.

On that note, the plan is to be out by next month and then get a phone, whether or not my son has put me on his plan or I get one on my own.