Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Sharon Cobb Evans, GA, USA

Posted: 2016-07-20

Chapter 6


A thought flashes into your mind. Ideas 
are beginning points of all fortunes, which 
are products of the imagination.  An idea can be 
so great, it becomes a desire.  A desire so great 
as a passion can now become a burning desire.  
You truely believe and have faith in this thought 
as you begin to see it, feel it, touch it, and  
imagine you are in possession of it.  You now talk 
to your subconscious on how you will attain 
this thought and believe you are 
in possession of it. Organize into definite 
plans of action and with definite purpose
and direct to a definite end.  You will 
require specialized knowledge to transmute
your desire into its monetary equivalent.  
Decide what you will give in return.  Your
specialized knowledge can be received through 
the aid of a mastermind group.
All has taken place through imagination.
Hill tells us that imagination is the workshop
of our mind and man can create anything which 
we can imagine. Also, there are two types of imagination.   
One being Synthetic Imagination. The other, 
Creative Imagination. Synthetic creates nothing. This faculty
is used when old concepts are arranged, or ideas or plans are
put into new combinations.  Creative Imagination works when the
conscious mind works at an exceedingly rapid rate, like when
your conscious mind is stimulated through emotions of strong desire.
The imaginative faculty must be exercised, like a muscle, to be 
developed to reach full potential.  Using your imagination can be 
the result in accumulating riches.

Thank you, Michael and Linda.  Thank you, Bob Shoaf.  Thanks to everyone

in the Mastermind Group.  

Sharon Cobb-Evans, GA -USA