Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mary McLean Carrigallen, Leitrim, Ireland

Posted: 2016-07-20

In network marketing one of the most important things we need to succeed is a very strong why, a Why that will keep us going when he come up against any obstacles that threaten to stop us from achieving our goals and having a successful MLM business.

In order to create a strong WHY we need to use our imagination. We need to be able to visualise the outcome, what will happen, where we will be and how life will look and, more importantly, how we will feel when we achieve our goal of running a successful MLM business, one that will pay for the life we dream of, and that will give us the time and money freedom we need to enjoy lots of quality time with our families.


Most people cannot even imagine a life of time and money freedom. That means that as network marketers we are way ahead of the rest of society.

But it’s not enough to visualise our goal once. As children most of us had very vivid imaginations. Some even had imaginary friends. But our imaginations are often rusty from lack of use. We grow up and somehow there’s little time or tolerance for using our imagination.

We start a job. There’s a specific way our boss wants the job done and in most cases, little room for imagination or innovation. We have to conform to what’s expected of us if we want to hold onto that job.

No wonder the dreams we had when we were young are lost along the way.

Network marketing gives us the chance to dream again and it also gives us the vehicle that will get us there.

And through the Mentoring For Free training and mentoring system we have the best MLM training system to ensure we can build our dream and help our teams to do the same.

Thank you so much Linda and Michael Dlouhy for putting together this amazing training and mentoring system and for believing me until I can fully believe in myself.


Mary McLean, Leitrim, Ireland