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Mary Mirembe TORONTO, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2016-07-20

The Fifth Step toward Riches

Imagination are thoughts and ideas in the mind that are not based on physical senses. Man can create anything that he can imagine. He is limited only to the extent he can develop and use his imagination. Imagination is the worshop where plans are created. It is the place where thoughts are transformed into things.

There are two types of imagination:

Synthetic imagination is where old concepts, ideas, or existing plans are arranged into new combinations. This is the faculty used mostly by the inventor to convert desire into money. However, he may not be able to solve all his problems through this process and must turn to the creative imagination.

The creative imagination has direct communication with the Infinite Intelligence, the Ether or Universe. It is through this faculty that we are able to receive hunches and inspirations in the form of new ideas. We can also communicate with the subconscious minds of other people. Through the use of this creative imagination we are able to formulate our desires for success in our business.

It is important to emphasize that both synthetic and creative faculties of imagination become more alert through use. They are like body muscles or organs that have to be used extensively and regularly in order to develop and be more alert. They become weak through inaction. Desire alone is not enough.

We know that ideas are products of imagination. Michael and Linda initially came up with the idea of Mentoring For Free system and has served us very well. However they did not stop dreaming and imagining about how it could be improved and made better.

On July 4, 2016 they launched a greatly improved program, the Mentoring For Free Boot Camp that literally guarantees us success in the network marketing
business. This did not happen by accident.

Thank you Michael and Linda for your unrelenting quest to improve our chances of success and subsequent freedom.

Mary Mirembe
Ontario, Canada