Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Rita Bingham Spring, Texas, USA

Posted: 2016-07-20

19 July 2016

Think and Grow Rich.  Chapter 6 Imagination

The Imagination, the laboratory of our soul, the kitchen of our mind.  Where a cup of courage and a runaway Idea at the time, equaled the Wright Brothers flying high in the sky and soaring with eagles when the world though they were mad. Where Alexander Graham Bell thought he could speak to someone hundreds of miles away.  Where Bill Gates thought he could create and mass produce the computer and that everyone would have one in their home one day.  Where the inventor of the camera thought he could project an image of a person on a piece of paper.  Regardless of what people thought of them at the time, they did not hide what was in their imagination, no, quite the contrary.  And we can now say thank you for the conveniences they brought to our lives.

The imagination, where songs are created and stories are created and told to the masses.  Have you used your imagination today?  Do you have that dream inside of you for the next “Multi-Million Dollar Idea”?  Do you have deep inside of you the next “Hot” toy for the Christmas Holidays?  Have you the next Grammy winning tune? They next Hot and Steamy Drama for television? The next engine for the winning Indy 500 car? Do you have the formula for the next winning Bar Be Cue Sauce?  Has your imagination given you the formula for the cure for all cancers?  The next hot design for the Met Gala?   The answer to World Peace?

What do you have inside that is yearning to break free?  The old desire that we walked away from years ago.  Do you allow your imagination the time to use what you have deep inside? Is your imagination being held captive?  Set it free to become all that you can be.  Awaken that sleeping bear from its hibernation.  Wake up everybody, no more sleeping.  It’s time to use your Imagination, you know you lose what you don’t use.  It’s not too late.  Whether you use Synthetic (Use what you already know)  or Creative Imagination (Being Inspired), clear out the cobwebs and let it spring forth. The world is waiting and your imagination is crying out "Tune In".