Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celeste Smucker Nellysford, VA, United States

Posted: 2016-07-18

Chapter 6 Imagination


                 Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. Albert Einstein


There was once a time when I would meet someone who was doing well with network

marketing and say, "I really admire you, I tried it and never could make it work for me." 

That was an example of me using logic to describe my future rather than imagination.

I was telling myself "If I couldn't make it work in the past, then it follows, I can't make it work

in the future."


Many, many people live their lives out of that kind of thinking.  They get up, go to work. come

home, eat dinner, watch TV, go to bed and start over again the next day. They spend the week

looking forward to the weekend and half of the weekend being depressed about going back to

work. The very sameness of their lives and their lack of initiative tells us that for them imagination

is nearly dead.  They live in a box that has no exit and and because they have lost touch with their

imagination they don't see a way out....they are well and truly stuck.


                             Live out of your imagination, not your history. Stephen Covey


What's the key to breaking out of the box?  The answer is Imagination.  Hill tells us:  "Generally

speaking, an idea is an impulse of thought that impels action, by an appeal to the imagination."  

In other words, if you want to change your life and your business you need to take action, and to

know what action to take, an appeal to your imagination is essential.  You've already proven that

the alternative of appealing to your history doesn't  why go there?  Instead start to imagine

what you really want  and ideas about what action to take next will begin to show up as hunches. 


All of us who participate in MFF took the first steps towards change when we downloaded

the ebook.  At some level we knew there had to be a better way and sent that thought out

into the ethers and it came back with an invitation to download Success in 10 Steps. It's no

accident that we're here.  We created this powerful mastermind group for ourselves with our

imagination and our willingness to take action when we got the invitation.


                  You can't depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus. Mark Twain


And for most of us it didn't stop there...we continued to take action when we watched the

videos, got on a coaching call and began to get downloads. Imagination is powerful and

if we are clear and follow the hunches when we receive them, as Bob Shoaf likes to tell us,

our success is guaranteed.


Celeste Smucker, Nellysford, VA