Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anton Koker Stoughton, MA, United States

Posted: 2016-07-18

Imagination - The Workshop of the Mind

Are You Prepared to Operate in the Zone?

   Imagination is important, but it is also noteworthy that taking action, desire and belief are ingredients in the success formula. These are mentioned several times. We also have to be in a proper frame of mind, in order to be receptive to the solutions provided by our sub-conscious through both synthetic and creative imagination.
   Perspectives - Where we've come from, where we are today, and where we desire to go, offer different perspectives and challenges. As we've discussed before, a joy-based, heart-felt, burning desire is needed. We need to be taking action for reasons that makes us cry, that we want them so powerfully.

   Self-talk helps us prepare and align our priorities and focus. When built properly and trained to become habit, our auto-suggestion is a balancing force to align our mind's capabilities with our desires.

   So, now that we know what we want, the field is tilled, planted and being watered. Imagination is now free to grow and blossom. Since we were children, and many of us still are filled with child-like awe, wonder and joy; we have imagined all sorts of things. I created villages and then worlds with my brother. It was play, with simple objects. Yet, we truly believed our story. He acted out all the roles, and played events forward to a random conclusion that pleased us. Today, we have adult challenges. But, they are just as imaginary as the events played out as children. But, we have come to realize, we can create our own reality. We can combine ideas of our own, and others, and further still tap into infinite wisdom and inspiration.

   We know where we've been and think we know where we are. We also have a burning desire, and fertilized our mental field. The action we take today is to let our imagination take over. Our next move will be revealed. Or, our missing piece will be found. In the middle of the night, or in a day dream, we become inspired and the challenge is overcome. 

with gratiude, and, in service
Tony Koker