Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Lawrence Bergfeld Bronx, New York, USA

Posted: 2016-07-17

What I think about this chapter on IMAGINATION is believing something will happen before proof of evidence. The Wright Brothers believed people will be able to fly from New York to Paris before there was tangible evidence. They had no education and acted on it. Whereas Samuel Langley had plenty of education but gave up on it. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Because like Steve Porter mentioned on yesterdays call, is that he would rather attempt something and fail rather than not act on it. Thomas Edison failed over 1000 times in creating the light bulb. He found out one way that did work and he used it. People said that Henry Ford could not create the automobile engine. He did not listen to what the naysayers told him, him and his team took action!! BOOM!! 

Coca Cola was not planned, it was not supposed to be a soft drink it was supposed to be a medicine. Microwaves power was discovered when an engineer melted chocolate in their pocket. You can turn a mistake into an opportunity. Imagine the rest!!

Next without flexiblity and creativity you are doomed for failure. Because you are looking for five key leaders. You never know who they are going to be. Just have fun!! Because when you are having hunches your team will feel it. So then you can also.

Lawrence Bergfeld