Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Frank LooSer Nashville, TN, United States

Posted: 2016-07-17

The author describes the Imagination as the work shop where all plans are created. He goes on to say there are two different forms of imagination, synthetic and creative.  When I think of creative imagination I think of the creative imagination of Nikola Tesla a man in my opinion with the greatest imagination of all time. Without him we would not have AC current which powers our entire lives today.  Sure Edison invented the light bulb but Tesla invented the AC light bulb which was the first light bulb to light up the world’s fair for the first time in 1893, along with many other inventions of his creative imagination. 

The author says to read the entire book then come back to this chapter and begin at once to put your imagination to work on building a plan for the transformation of your desire into money.

Many years ago when I decided that I wanted to make a living playing music in the music business.  I played with local bands in my home town until I honed my skills enough to get up the courage to move to Nashville, TN.  When I got to Nashville I joined the Musicians union and got my name listed in the book with all the other great musicians in the music industry.  I posted my business card on the job board at the union and immediately I was contacted by other artist asking me to audition and perform with them for money.  Because in my iminagination I was already a professional musician. It was that easy when I put my mind to it and believed that I could achieve my dreams.

The same process was applied to my Network Marketing business.  Once I decided to do Network Marketing again I started looking for the best training I could find. I found Mentoring for Free and started soaking up the knowledge from all the recordings and calls like a spunge.  I'm still not quite where I want to be but I am closer than I was when I first started.  Sometimes life can blow you over like the wind from a storm blowing down a tree.  But the secret is having the imagination to see yourself where you want to be in life.  Therefore you have to have the fortitude to get back up every time you are knocked down until you get to where you are going.  Your life is only limited to your imagination and with your imagination you create your life.