Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Sharon Valentine Houston, Texas, United States

Posted: 2016-07-15

Chapter6 – Imagination

When we were young kids, adults admired our imagination of turning a box into a space ship.  They smiled at our tea parties and cattle roundups.  Then somewhere around the age of 9 or 10 years old, we started to hear different words.  “Get your head out of the clouds.”  “Keep your feet on the ground.” “You need to be practical.” “It’s just your imagination.”  Instead of being a wonderful skill to be admired, imagination became a stumbling block that we had to avoid.  We stopped exercising our imagination, and it shrank into the back of our minds.

Napoleon Hill says:  “The creative imagination works automatically... This faculty functions ONLY when the conscious mind is vibrating at an exceedingly rapid rate...  The creative faculty becomes more alert, more receptive to vibrations from the sources mentioned, in proportion to its development through USE.”

 Now, speaking to adults, Napoleon Hill is telling us that imagination is essential.  We must brush off the cobwebs, and start using it again and again and again. 

When you enter the level of creative imagination, you leave the world of reality and boundaries.  Outside of reality is an endless, open universe of ideas flowing from others – past, present and future. It’s a living stream of ideas flowing, ebbing, swirling, changing, growing and merging.  It’s never stagnant, rushing ever forward.  Millions of streamlets constantly feed it.  And you are one of them.  You receive inspiration from the flow, and add your energy to the current.

You know that your imagination still is alive.  You can’t see it, but you feel it.  You know it’s there.

You get lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood and find your new favorite restaurant.

You’ve been thinking about a vacation cruise, and your email and snail mail boxes are filled with cruise line brochures.

For the past few weeks you’ve been curious about making a speech, and a related magazine article appears, a long lost CD unexpectedly surfaces, or there’s a training call about it.

Creative imagination frees you from the tethers of how things are now and lifts you to the unrestricted freedom of how things can be without limits -- without restraint.  When you act to make your ideas real through synthetic imagination, and you stay out of reach of those who would pull you down, you become unstoppable.