Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tony Harnett Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Posted: 2016-07-13

Chapter 5 – Specialized Knowledge

Hill States

“KNOWLEDGE will not attract money, unless it is organized, and intelligently directed, through practical PLANS OF ACTION, to the DEFINITE END of accumulation of money. Lack of understanding of this fact has been the source of confusion to millions of people who falsely believe that “knowledge is power.” It is nothing of the sort! Knowledge is only potential power. It becomes power only when, and if, it is organized into definite plans of action, and directed to a definite end.”

When someone downloads my eBook, I immediately assume that they are struggling to build their network marketing business and are seeking help.

Once I receive notification of their download, I call them and either on their voicemail or in person I proceed to tell them that “Most people who read that e-Book save years of frustration and failure when trying to create additional income from home” and then some will go ahead and read the eBook . . . and in turn will save years of frustration and failure . . . RIGHT ?

WRONG !!! They now have ‘Knowledge’ but only have ‘Potential Power’

These people have read an ad that I put out there somewhere and came to ‘me’ for help . . . I am now obligated to help them by showing them how to take “Their Newly Aquired Knowledge” and “Organize it into a Definite Plan of Action” and “Direct it to a Definite End” . . .

Uh-Oh – did I just get in over my head ? . . . I don’t have ALL the answers, do I ? . . . Of course not . . . but I do know where to get them . . . right here from this Mastermind Group !!!

I simply tell them the steps they need to take:

Step 1 – Read the eBook

Step 2 – Watch the 3 Skills Videos

Step 3 – Participate in a Coaching Call

Step 4 – Attend the live Skills Calls

Step 5 – Complete the MFF Boot Camp

Step 6 – Learn the Personality Colours

Step 7 – Participate in this Mental Cleanse

Step 8 – Keep Plugged-in to this system . . . FOR-EVER !

So . . . in helping those who were seeking my help, what is it I have done ?

I’ve taken my Specialized Knowledge and Organized it into a Definite Plan of Action and Directed it to a Definite End.

As a result . . . this business has become Simple and Fun!

With Appreciation,
Tony Harnett