Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mary McLean Carrigallen, Leitrim, Ireland

Posted: 2016-07-13

Specialised knowledge is necessary in every area of our lives. Sometimes no matter how intelligent or qualified we may be in some areas, we still  need specific on the job training when we take on a new role.

I had held down a full time job at which I was very competent prior to starting a family.

When I had my first child I knew virtually nothing about how to take care of my child. Luckily I was kept in the hospital for 8 days (they don’t do that anymore).

During that time I learned the basics of how to feed and change my son, how to hold him properly and how to bath him safely. I lived about 50 miles from my family and from my husband’s family so when I was discharged with an 8 day old baby we were pretty much on our own, apart from phone calls to my mother. It was 1981 so the phone calls were few and far between.

We learned along the way through trial and error, discovering what worked and what didn’t. Taking care of our children is the most important role we will ever do and we get absolutely no training whatsoever. In previous generations the grandparents were always at hand to coach and mentor the new parents.

In the same way when we join our first MLM company we need to be shown the basics to get started, no matter how successful we are in regular business. And then we need coaching and mentoring to learn MLM skills as we go along, so that we can be very successful in this industry.

In order to succeed in network marketing we need strong and ongoing upline support. We need a coach and a mentor who has done what we are trying to do, someone who has built a large successful MLM organisation, someone who is willing to take the time to teach us MLM skills.

Unfortunately every team in every MLM company does not provide the necessary excellent support and the training necessary for success.

So people try and sadly many fail through no fault of their own.

As Michael Dlouhy points out in his eBook Success in 10 Steps, if you fail in network marketing because you don’t have the proper skills, then your lack of success is NOT your fault.

This was my biggest aha moment when I first read Success In 10 Steps. What a relief!

I was struggling in MLM and feeling very frustrated. I had tried so hard to build a successful network marketing business. I had tried many different companies and failed. If others could do it in those companies then it had to be my fault, didn’t it? I didn’t realise that I was not in a 5 pillar company. That was another big aha moment.

I knew I needed a coach and mentor. Every success book I read told me so. But I was struggling so I couldn’t afford a mentor. That would have cost me thousands which I didn’t have.

Catch 22!

But then I discovered Michael Dlouhy’s book Success In 10 Steps when someone very kindly reached out to me on LinkedIn. And I discovered that I could get free coaching and mentoring through Michael’s amazing Mentoring For Free MLM training system which would teach me, or anyone in MLM, how to build a very successful network marketing business and how to attract highly qualified MLM leads.

Now I could realise my dream of financial freedom and time freedom for me, for my family, for my team and for anyone else who wanted my help.

Thanks so much to Linda and Michael Dlouhy for putting together this phenomenal MLM training system that anyone in any network marketing company can use to build their business and train their teams: an MLM system that will help anyone who is prepared to work to build a long term residual income that comes in month after month, year after year, so they can enjoy financial freedom and time freedom that MLM promises and can deliver to those who never quit.


Mary McLean, Ireland