Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Donna Catron Butler, MO, USA

Posted: 2016-07-13

Chapter 5: Specialized Knowledge

Most of us have been told all our lives that "knowledge is power". However, Hill tells us this is not correct. It is only power if we have a plan to use it. We can memorize the entire World Book Encyclopedia, but if we have no plan on how to use it, it is just useless information rattling around in our brains. If we have specialized knowledge and a purpose and a plan, then it is powerful. Our mastermind group will help us attain needed information and how to use it. Henry Ford had knowledge of how he wanted to build his automobiles, but for any other knowledge, he had a mastermind group he could call upon to give him his answer.

Mentoring For Free is an example of specialized knowledge that if utilized as directed will help us reach success.

Donna Catron