Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anthony Rodelli Highland, NY, USA

Posted: 2016-07-13

Step 4 Toward Riches:Specialized Knowledge

"Knowledge paves the road to riches-when you know which road to take."

Think It Over:  

 A Scientist is one who asks,"How?"

A Philosopher is one who asks "why?"

A Mystic is one who sees life from the inside.

A Materialist is one who sees life from the outside.

A Poet is one who is master of language.

A Politician is one who puts his party or his own career first.

A Statesman is one who puts the country first.

A Patriot is anyone who puts his country's interest above his own.

An Artist is one who makes beauty a religion.

A Hero is one who does the kind of thing that others are content to admire.

A Gentleman is one who never takes advantage.

A Coward is one who sees the higher and chooses the lower.

A Fool is one who thinks that the Great Law can be evaded(cheated).

A Thief is one who tries to get something, on any plane, which he has not earned.

A Gambler is one who thinks he can gain something which does not belong to him by right of consciousness.

An Adult is a person who has learned to control his emotions.

A Youthful person is one who is never bored.

An Elderly person is one who has lost the capacity for wonder.

A Saint is one who loves God more than he loves anything else.

A Pharisee is one who uses God to glorify himself.

A True Optimist is one who knows that there is only One Cause.

A Pessimist is really one who believes in many causes.

A Quack is a doctor of any school who treats symptoms instead of causes.

A Crank is one who does not see things in the way that we do.

A sense of Humor is just an acute sense of proportion.

Criticism is only an indirect form of self-boosting.

Repentance is the gate of heaven.

Remorse is festering spiritual pride.

Religion is the individual's attempt to merit favor from God.

if Brute Strength were the test, it is the lions that would have us in cages.

If Mere Size mattered, the dinosuars would still own the country.

High Blood Pressure means high emotional pressure-too much anxiety. 

Low Blood Pressure means low emotional pressure-loss of interest.

Creaking Joints come from a creaking mind.

The punishment of the Liar is that he cannot believe anyone else.

The curse of Ignorance is that the victim never suspects it.

The malice of Poverty is to have nothing to give.

The danger of Riches is a real tendency to selfishness.

The curse of the Sensualist is that the senses have murdered the heart.

The Perfect Man will be here when the perfect woman is here to claim him.

The man who overstresses his Ancestors is like a potato plant-the best part of him is underground.

People who are often late for Church Might find themselves late for heaven too.

What we give to God's work comes back multiplied,and with a blessing.What we withold from God's work can hardly bring us any good.

You may BRIDGE your weakness through the aid of your "master mind" "MFF"group as long as you do not build WALLS.