Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Margi Starr Springfield, Ohio, USA

Posted: 2016-07-13

Chapter 5—Specialized Knowledge


When I began network marketing I was clueless as to how to build a business.  I was under the
false illusion that maybe, just maybe, people would fall from the sky…and they would want to join
my business. People did NOT fall from the sky and very few joined my business.


Then I stumbled upon Mentoring For Free.

Without realizing it, I followed the MFF Recipe (Specialized Knowledge) because that was what my
mentor shared with me.  She told me to read Success in 10 Steps.


So I read it. 


She gave me audios to listen to.


So I listened to them.


She had her upline call me, which actually turned into a coaching call.


Without realizing it, I was completing Step 3 of the MFF Recipe.


I joined the MFF Pro System and was introduced to the “Checklist.”  It seemed like Jesus would come
before I completed it.  I was overwhelmed, but I started checking off those items one by one.


Then I started learning how to get eBook downloads by submitting posts on a social media site.


This was so foreign to me, that I called my mentor every day.  She was exceedingly patient with me. 


Without realizing it, I was digging deeper into Specialized Knowledge.


When I added the words “A Mentor With a Servant’s Heart” after my name, I felt like I was a complete
phony.  (I could have added "Teacher" after my name and been fine with it. But  MFF is about
mentoring more than teaching).


"A Mentor With a Servant's Heart."  I might as well been adding “MD” behind my name.  I added the
mentor tag anyway and hoped no one would find out my lack of Specialized Knowledge.


I grabbed information from this call and from that call.  I started doing Mental Cleanse lessons.  I fell
asleep listening to the late night Coaches’ Corner call.


Gradually, I began speaking up on the calls.  One day I was shocked that Michael asked me to
read my lesson. Gulp!


It seemed to take me forever to become confident.  But the day finally came when I felt comfortable
calling myself a Mentor. It wasn't so awkward for me to think of myself as someone who could help


Each of us in MFF have our own special interest or proficiency.  For some, it’s calling leads.  For
others, it’s doing the Marketing skills using IBO Toolbox or AdLan Pro.  I’ve developed a keen interest
in learning about Instagram and the new Facebook rules.  I’m having a blast creating posts that are
“hacking” the new Facebook algorithms. 


With the new, improved Mentoring App, Mentoring for Free it is so much easier.  My MFF website
accurately reflects who I am.  It's state of the art and beautiful!  The Boot Camp lessons make it
easier to learn the Specialized Knowledge easier and more systematically.  It will be less likely that
there will be giant gaps in our learning. Or in those we mentor. And that is huge!


Let me encourage every new person to this MFF Family with these words,


“Don’t quit!” 


Don’t give up on yourself.  Don’t give up on Mentoring for Free.  Your Dreams are worth it!


Thank you, Michael and Linda Dlouhy, for taking Specialized Knowledge to a whole new level with
The Mentoring App. I’m more excited about the future than ever!


Margi Starr
A Mentor With a Servant's Heart
Springfield, Ohio