Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mike Patel clarksville, UnitedStatesofAmerica, 37043, United States

Posted: 2016-07-13

Anything you want to succeed in life requires focus.

Specialized knowledge is next and that is general or specialized.

Do your research and make sure your source is legitimate for what you are seeking and worth the investment it will require.

Before you can transfer your desire into riches will required specialized knowledge of your product or services.

Your mastermind group is a great first point of contact. Determine your specialty knowledge required and then make sure that source is capable of deleverying on your hopes and promises with no room for failure.

Night Schools, Home Study courses, Libraries and Correspondence schools were other sources to help in the specilaty knowledge field and each could play a role in your life and depends on what your individual requirements are.

Thirst for knowledge should be a daily learnining curve till the day we leave this planet and should never be a day you don't acquire new knowledge.

Specialized knowledge plus IMAGINATION is the key.

Good example Mr Helpin became a top executive through specialized knowledge of the right innnercircle business groups in less than 6 months.

Success and failure are both a result of habit.

Behind all ideas is specialized knowledge.

Mike Patel, Clarksville, Tennessee