Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ken Klemm Spring Hill, FL, USA

Posted: 2016-07-12

Knowledge is not enough.

You can attend schools, read books, listen to audios, 
watch videos..and acquire no Skills - zero, zip, nada, 

There’s an old saying... “Experience is the best 

We learn by making mistakes. Everything we learned and 
mastered required many mistakes: Walking, talking, 
riding a bike, throwing a ball, reading, writing, basic 
math, cooking, etc.

Usually the best lessons learned are those very painful 
and costly mistakes. “Careful! The stove is hot!” took 
on a whole new level of understanding the first time 
You touched a red-hot one.

“Wow, wow, WOW!!!!! Oh, my GAWD, that HURTS!!!!!! Huh?

The sad thing is, the Fear of making mistakes holds 
folks back from learning new skills or mastering old 
ones. But, wait a minute... WE CANNOT MASTER NEW SKILLS 

Another old saying...”If You want to swim, You have to 
get wet.”

Learning some things, like swimming, should not be 
attempted without a Mentor. When choosing a Mentor, 
look for these two qualities... 
1. A vested interest;
2. Competence.

Someone who loves You very much does not want You to 
drown, but be sure they demonstrate swimming ability 
before allowing them to teach You.

Success in Network Marketing requires mastering some 
People Skills.

At Mentoring For Free we teach the Personality Colors 
skill. Yeah, there’s a video to watch, a CD to a listen 
to and a book to read...

But, unlike anyone else I know of who teaches about 
personalities, we provide live, hands-on Practice 3 
times every week.

On these 3 conference calls we also teach the skill of 
Talking to people...and the Critical skill of 

Your Mentor will demonstrate how to have good telephone 
dialogues and leave voice messages. Then Your Mentor 
will let You practice doing the same, all the while 
standing by You with a life preserver in case You get 
into trouble.

All of us mastered these Skills this way...and, so far, 
in almost 12 years, no one has drowned.

Your Friend and Servant,

Ken Klemm

P.S. “Pain is an aspect of everyday life, 
but suffering is a Choice.”