Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celia H. Burton New Castle, Delaware, United States

Posted: 2016-07-12

In the simplest way for me to understand this chapter, I will explain my point of view.  I myself find this chapter most challenging. But I will attempt to express it in the way I understand it. 

If a person wants to build a house. He first would need desire and a keen imagination.  He would use imagination to come up with a blue print  which would be a plan.  He would have to acquire the knowledge or hire someone with specialized knowledge to develop the blue print. if he does not have specialized knowledge on how to make a blue print. Also he would need permits to build and take care of the legality of procuring the land, he would need a specialized person to accomplish that portion of the project too.  The land needs to be surveyed, again he needs someone with specialized knowledge to measure the land.  Next to acquire the materials for the house and the logistics, in order to know what to purchase and how much and how to get the materials needed to the location, he would again need a person with specialized knowledge to tell him what and how much material would be needed to build the house.  

I may have missed some steps, but I think this basically illustrates that in order for us to build a business we need specialized knowledge of the business and products to become successful in our prospective business. This specialized knowledge comes to us in the form of education we acquire from our Mastermind Group and our skills calls. If we continue and are persistent in aquirering knowledge about our business we will acquire the specialized skills to become successful.