Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Smith Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK

Posted: 2016-07-12

In this chapter Mr. Hill points out that there are two kinds of knowledge, general and specialized. He also makes the point that general knowledge simply will not make money. Schools and colleges teach general knowledge, it is only at University or during an apprentice where the teaching becomes more specialized and of higher value to the market place.

In the modern era almost subject anyone wants information about can be found by simply entering the subject line into Google or YouTube or other of the many search engines which can provide thousands, sometimes millions of links to the information sought in seconds. So general knowledge is easily obtained but of limited value.

The only knowledge which can be translated into money is specialized knowledge but even specialized knowledge of itself is not enough. The expression “knowledge is power” is incomplete, surely it should read “applied knowledge is power”? Even highly specialized power must be organized into practical and definite planned action if it is to reap the rewards you seek.

Many assume they alone need to be the holders of that specialized knowledge which they wish to take to market. Most true success stories have become so because the driving force behind the venture recognised their own limitations so sought to create a team, each member of which contributed their own specialized knowledge to the party to create the whole. Mr. Hill called that coming together, creating a “Mastermind Group”.

That same principle has formed the basis of the Mentoring for Free philosophy. Every member of the programme brings and shares their own unique approach to life and business which they happily share for the benefit of all. Surely the finest form of collaboration there is?

John Smith Gloucester UK