Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2016-07-12

The power to achieve our goals lies in our ability to obtain the knowledge required for that goal from someone who has achieved that goal. We must turn to those who have achieved that same goal and dream and draw up their knowledge as to how to achieve our own goal and dream as a person.

In order to be able to make a model train layout at train club, we are first needing the knowledge of where we are going to model. What it will be, how we are going to build that, we need the specialized knowledge of the local area. Then we need the knowledge of the members for woodworking, electrical, scenery, trains which ran in that area to be able to create a layout for the period which we are looking to model. As well as looking at the size of the model we are going to work with.

You need to be working on Your skills and to know someone who is happy to help You to build that layout, to help You with creating the plans. At the same time the person has to be in sympathy with what You are looking to achieve. At times You will hear many excuses ranging from do You know how big that is. Do something smaller. That is a way of testing the person’s willingness to help, whist You may hear. Hey look with Your model You are wanting to build You can do this. Its taking into consideration the person’s motives and thoughts as well.

It is the same when I am on shift at marine rescue, that specialized knowledge is needed when we call for someone to go and help a ship who needs assistance. We need the knowledge of the conditions, the knowledge of the sea, the knowledge of any injuries, what the problem is to be able to send the right vessel to assist. Therefore we also need to know the size of the vessel so that we can get a vessel capable of towing if necessary.

You wouldn’t send a small row boat out to tow a stranded motor cruiser who has run aground and hit the sand it’s too small to be able to move that vessel. You need a vessel of the same size, it’s the same with a train or a truck that You need to have sufficient power behind You to be able to take the load You are carrying.

Specialized knowledge is being willing to learn what would have the power to be able to perform that task or knowing where to ask when You need that knowledge. It's getting that knowledge and using it to achieve the goal, whether it's rescuing a person, helping people to change their lives, arranging a train trip, building a model train layout.

We all need to know where to draw that knowledge from when it's needed. That knowledge may rest within our friends, within our colleagues or be a phone call away to say look I need Your advice please we have this going on what do You suggest doing.

Thank You to the most amazing mentors could ever ask for Michael and Linda Dlouhy and Ken Klemm who have helped guide me on this journey to success and living that life of own dreams. Thank You to my amazing loving wife who has always been their supporting me and believing in me until I was able to believe in myself.

Big hugs,

Your friend for life,

We believe in You,

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia Soon to be from the Gold Coast Queensland.