Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Marty Roe Pine Bluff, Arkansas, United States

Posted: 2016-01-18

 Chapter 10

Power of the Master Mind

The ninth Step Toward Riches

From The book

Think And Grow Rich,


Analyze the record of any man who has accumulated

A  great fortune, and many of those who have accumulated


Modest fortunes, and you will find that they have either

Consciously or unconsciously employed the Master Mind”



When the USA entered WW2, it was estimated the united

States would need 300 billion to fund the war. The United


States budget was no where near 300 billion, dollars in


In 1941. A plan had to be put in place to raise that kind of

Money,  war bonds raised $187.5 billion dollars,


Increased taxes raised $112.5 billion.   Also it was figured

Out that the USA would need well over a million tons of steel!


It was estimated that there was over a million tons of scrap

Metal scattered out on farms across the USA, a call went


Out to all the states to put a program in place together up

All the scrap, men, woman, and children all got involved,


It was a huge success. It was estimated that 50% of the

Steel, used during WW2 was from scrap metal,


Aluminum, copper and old tires and paper were also gathered

Up.   The whole country had turned in to a team, led by great


Leaders  who absorb power directly from the great universal

Storehouse of Infinite Intelligence.  




I got my information from Youtube, WW2 from space.