Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Mervyn Drury Casey, Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Posted: 2016-07-11



Step Four toward Riches

Hill tells us in Think and Grow Rich that knowledge exists in two distinct forms, General and Specialized. The Former is freely available to all who wish to increase their understanding of common things and improve themselves, much of this knowledge being learnt in schools, colleges and universities of the free world. It is available for all to read and self educate in the many libraries both commercial and public, together with those associated with major corporations and Universities.

The Internet has also made general knowledge more readily available to people wishing to update or learn basic skills.

Specialized knowledge in ancient times was vested in the Master of a given trade or profession and handed down through a system of apprenticeship which still exists to down in the trade orientated employment and to a lesser extent in the more professional personal such as engineers, doctors, accountants and lawyers.

In the Direst Selling or Multi Level Marketing business there is a need for specialized knowledge both in the ability to choose the right company to be associated with and the evaluation of the products, remuneration for work done and training.  

Here at Mentoring for Free we have the specialized knowledge and 39 experience of Michael and Linda to guide us through the pitfalls of MLM. His experience gain in 29 years of full time income is invaluable in the advice and guidance he gives us in learning the color of a person’s personality. I had previously tried to learn color personalities but failed miserably. But through the training in the nine training calls each week I have learnt about the colors, along with marketing training from people who have actually skills and applied them to MLM.

I believe that the Mentoring For Free system cannot be bettered or surpassed in allowing people to realize what a wonderful opportunity awaits them in the MLM Industry.

With the advent of the MFF Boot camp this will further enhance the training available and cause many people, me included to reach my full potential and “not die with my music still in me”.

Thank you Michael and Linda for the creative imagination put in to developing the Mentoring for Free system and its continual enhancement. To all the mentors who provide free training so that each member can grow to their potential and earn the riches they dream of.

Mervyn Drury

Canberra, ACT, Australia.