Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ron West Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

Posted: 2016-07-10


This chapter, for me is saying that to make a success in your business you must have something of unique value, that only you have learned.
It is the same as having acquired a USP (unique selling point) for your particular profession/business, something that gives you the edge over the competition for your services.

We can all acquire this by studying our subject thoroughly, and by learning from solving the problems that arise either from our lack of knowledge, or by our customer's/client's experiences. Where we have to go and find the solution, if this is the first time this problem arises, or we have the solution gained from a previous experience.

The clue here is to 'never, ever, give-up' on a challenge, but always be willing to learn something new every day, which will add to your arsenal of knowledge, where you can help others now or in the future.