Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Gary Nott Barnhart, Missouri, United States

Posted: 2016-07-09

Chapter 5 Specialized Knowledge


Hill states, “There are two kinds of knowledge. One is general, the other is specialized.” He goes on to describe in masterful detail, the importance of acquiring and using specialized knowledge,

because general knowledge will never bring desired riches.


My comments on this lesson….


1. Perfect timing: the activation of the MFF Bootcamp this week and it happened on July 4, 2016,

Let Freedom Ring” for ourselves and all mankind.


2. Perfect example: The Bootcamp lessons teach and educate specific areas for one to avoid the

pitfalls, (there are many), and be successful in their business.


3. Perfect mindset: Willing to honestly look in the mirror and accurately define what is my WHY?

Then take action, get moving.


4. Perfect Love: The 'missing link' as Mr. Hill says, educated--develop from within. We are in a

PEOPLE business. It is imperative that I love myself and love others accordingly.--So, that is a

constant, life-long learning experience.


Having re-visited and read all the books and materials that went into the Boot-camp lessons was so complete, informative and educational. Every lesson reflected, organized, visionary, imaginative, ideas and planning. This is not general, this is not ordinary, this is not average, in my opinion, this is a specialized vocational University education! My heart is over-flowing with joy! I cannot get past the excitement and feelings and blessings of what we have been offered here- With the new app and the Boot-camp, wow, SUPER!


Thank-you, Michael and Linda, and everyone involved in making all of this possible.


Gary Nott


By your vision and efforts you have not left us at the 'base camp' of this pilgrimage but took us up and over any Mt. Everest.