Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ion and Ryda Mindreci Overland Park, Kansas, USA

Posted: 2016-07-09

General knowledge you get it in the schools 

Specialized knowledge is accumulated after
we finish the scools. Most of the people after
finishing the scool they stop learning.

Looking back at my life when i was in Romania 
as a chiald I learn to make money and i was good at it.

We all aquire specialized knowledge all of our life and
most of us we never realize that.

That why most of people die with the dream inside of them.

This is why I Love Mentoring For Free and the Mentoring
For Free Boot Camp. I like to say thank you to Michael this
corse it is the perfect example of specialized knowledge for
me and for the entire Network Marketing Industry. 

Thank you,

May Yahweh bless our understanding