Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Frank LooSer Nashville, TN, United States

Posted: 2016-07-08

General knowledge is generally paid for and received in a college degree which is a nice piece of parchment you can frame and hang on the wall as a symbol of your achievement.  It’s the equivalent of a work permit to work in a chosen field but without the guarantee of ever finding a job in that field. 

Specialized knowledge is accumulated through deliberate study of a specific subject. 

I never realized until I read Think and grow Rich that I have been acquiring specialized knowledge all my life.

When I was nine years old I started selling greeting cards door to door, not because I had to be because I wanted to.  Selling cards and making money was fun because I was successful at it.  I learned early in life there was no reason for me to fear selling.  So I have studied selling all my life learning everything I could about the craft.

I have invested in home study courses learning how to run a mail order business on a show string and to drop ship ship the products.  I bought courses on how to set up win, win, win promotional advertisement programs. I attended real estate ceminars and learned how to buy and sell forclosure homes with no money down. 

I join my first network marketing company in 1986 and learned everything I could from the tapes and my up line.  My wife Cheryl and I qualified for a millionaire school in Chicago Illinois.  We spend our honey moon at a Network Marketing convention learning from a master name Jim Rohn.  I still have the notes in my journal from his specialized Network Marketing training from almost thirty years ago.

My whole life has been a series of specialized training, learning about people.  A good salesman understands the psychology of people.  Just like the colors training helped us to understand the different personalities and how to communite better.

I have attended hypnosis classes and learned about human phycology and the power of suggestion and the fact that everything is hypnosis.  Even this document and the words there in is a form of hypnosis to anybody paying attention to the message.  To prove that to you, tonight right after the call when you hang up the phone you will remember this lesson over all the other lessons, because your subconcious mind is programed to.  The more you think you will not remember the more you will think about remembering it as soon as you hang up the phone. 

All this specialized knowledge has made me the person I am today.  When others like to watch movies and read novels I like to watch documentaries and read self-help books on how to Win Friends and Influence People, and how to Think and Grow Rich.

My field of specialized study is in the human relationship aspects of life.  Even though I don’t have an expensive four year university degree I know as much or more about psychology as most psychologist because it fascinates me and I enjoy spending time studying it.

People have told me "you are a good manipulator", but I disagree with that label because a manipulator is the only one that wins in the situation. I'm a persuader because I create a win win situation so that everybody wins.

Mentoring For Free and the Mentoring For Free Boot Camp that Michael created is the perfect example of specialized knowledge for the Network Marketing Industry. There you will find thousands of hours of recordings and lesson plans from the Think and Grow rich book that when studied and applied will make you a better person.  It will lay the ground work for your success for years to come. Through specialized knowledge everybody has a turning point in their life.  A point when things turn around for the better.  But in order for that to happen you must become more through Specialized Knowledge. So stay focused and prosper my friends.