Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ernest Tucker Rogerville, ALABAMA, United States

Posted: 2016-06-29

                                      Chapter 3



Faith is the most powerful of all the major positive emotions when blended

With love and sex. It enters the subconscious mind instantly in either a

Posive Constructive nature or a negative destructive nature.


We have to be careful just like a farmer if we sow lies we reap lies, if we sow

Greed we reap poverty, if we sow doubt or fear or negative thoughts we surely

Will reap distrust. If we sow love we will reap love, if we sow self confidence

We will sow prosperity and trust.


Each day is a new season the thoughts dreams and desire will require hard work.

Don’t think today what happened yesterday or try to change tomorrow it is not here

For today is the tomorrow you dreaded to see yesterday.


I climed out of my confort chair and started living in the now. I have faith is what

I do I say my self talk hundreds of times daily. I talk to that guy in my mirror and

And tell him how much I love him and ask him for advice. I sit and watch the sun

Creep over the trees in the morning and map out where I will plant my seeds today.

I have faults and always will but I gain whenever I have a fault I have a strong faith

And a strong love not only ones who have taught and Helped me get this far like

Michael and Linda Dlouhy and all my mff friends.



Ernest Tucker