Think & Grow Rich Lessons
J Greene bridgetown, st michael, Barbados

Posted: 2016-06-29


Creating your desired goals without Faith is like cooking without salt, in other words you will not

have your desired end result. Faith makes you stronger on all levels, mentally, spiritually, and 

physically. You need to be strong to achieve what it is that you want otherwise you will fold during

your journey. Faith to your desire is what gas is to a car, a car cannot move without gas and you

can't create your desire without Faith. Having Faith is not just a one time thing, you have to  keep

reinforcing it, just like how you have to keep putting gas in a car. Most people have Faith but just 

in the wrong thing, people who think that something will go wrong have Faith that something will go

wrong, either way Faith is Faith so use it to you advantage. The first step to having Faith in 

what you want is to have Faith in Faith itself.