Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Tuula Rands West Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2016-01-15

Chapter 10 - Power of the Mastermind

We have all heard Michael say “You cannot build this Business by
yourself. You need a coach, a mentor a Duplicatable System.”

Hill tells us “Examination of the three major sources of knowledge
will readily disclose the difficulty an individual would have, if he
depended upon his efforts alone, in assembling knowledge and
expressing it through definite plans in terms of ACTION. If his plans
are comprehensive, and if they contemplate large proportions, he must,
generally, induce others to cooperate with him, before he can inject into
them the necessary element of POWER.”

Hill describes the power in this Chapter as two streams, one flowing to
riches and one flowing to misery and poverty.  This “stream of life”
Hill describes as the “thinking  process”.

Poverty will happen without effort and as Hill put it, poverty volunteers,
it does not need a plan, it just happens.  Riches, on the other hand
requires a plan, requires effort and must be attracted. 

Sounds simple; but in reality getting to the point of even understanding
this “thinking process” of attracting to ourselves what we desire is not
common.  Many die without ever coming across this process and many
more, even though they know the power is there, die without understanding
how to utilize this power.

To attract is described as “To cause to approach or adhere as to pull to
or draw to oneself”.

In other words, we have to do something to bring riches to ourselves. 
And that power Hill says is the “thinking Process.”

Everything comes back to how and what we think.  There is the old
saying “What we think about, comes about.”

Can we learn this on our own?  Yes we could but Hill tells us that very few do.
We need a mastermind group to understand this power and we need a mastermind
group to help us learn how to put this to use. 

The Mentoring For Free System is where we can find this power and the
understanding  of how to put the power to use.

“Be on all the calls.  Write a lesson plan.  Participate. Be here a year from now.”

We hear this plan laid out for us every time we are here. Are we listening
or are we letting it all go “over our head.”

Are we attracting the power from the right side of the stream or are we sitting
on the wrong side of the stream hoping  the power will just magically land on us.

Hill ends this chapter with “ANYBODY can WISH for riches, and most people do, but only a few
know that a definite plan, plus a BURNING DESIRE for wealth, are the only dependable means
of accumulating wealth.”

And as Hill stated, it begins with our THOUGHT PROCESS.
We are at the right place,  because this is where we “LEARN HOW TO THINK, NOT WHAT TO THINK”  
but we need to ask ourselves “Am I really taking advantage of  the Great mastermind that is available to me
when I am here?”

Am I on  the calls?  Am I writing lesson?  Am I participating?  Am I going to be here a year from now?

Which side of the stream am I really on?

Tuula Rands