Think & Grow Rich Lessons
John Hoskins Breaux Bridge, La, United States

Posted: 2016-06-29

Most people who acknowledge a desire for something are stopped by faith or their lack of it.

I have learned to recognize myself when:

  • I procrastinate
  • I lack self confidence
  • I'm not moving toward my goal or desire
  • I feel guilty for lack of accomplishment or progress

When we have faith and belief that we will posses our desires, we become extremely powerful.

It will help us live our life with intention and purpose.

We should declare our intentions to others. There is power in declaring it. Unstated intentions is nothing more then wishful thinking.

1. Your statement will will provide others something to hold you accountable to.

2. Our statement generates faith.

3. Our statement activate angels on our behalf.

4. Our statement becomes our state of being.

"I will have whatever I say."

Support intentions with prayer, action and the words you speak.

Make statements regularly.

Sometimes what you don't say is as important as what you do say.