Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anthony Rodelli Highland, NY, USA

Posted: 2016-06-29

Chapter Three:Faith.

                       Faith is a simple thing. It is  something we excercise every day. The average driver thinks Nothing of going 55 miles per hour down a highway 20 feet behind another car. When they approach a red light, each driver applies his brakes in full faith expecting them to work and stop their car. We continuously live by faith. We trust the chair we are sitting in writing this right now to hold us. We trust our employers in our network marketing companys will give us a paycheck at the end of the week,month. We trust the labels on the canned goods at the grocery store.We trust the bank with our money and doctors with our lives in surgery.

            In its simplist terms, faith means action.It is the application of your faith in yourself, in your fellow humans, in opportunities that are available to you in America, and in God--under any circumstances.The more worthwhile your goals are, the easier it is to follow the principles of success in achieving them. It is impossible not to be enthusiastic and dedicated to achieving worthy and desirable objectives.

You are a human magnet. You attract to yourself those whose characters harmonize with your own and repel others.If you wish to attract considerate, kind, generous, successful people, you must be such a person yourself.The choice is yours alone.

Thank You