Think & Grow Rich Lessons
walden Toews Mission, British Columbia, Canada

Posted: 2016-06-29

   It is a known fact that the emotion of LOVE is closely akin to the state of mind known as FAITH, and this for the reason that Love comes very near to translating one’s thought impulses into their spiritual equivalent.

    During his work of research, the author discovered, from the analysis of the life work and achievements of hundreds of men of outstanding accomplishment, that there was the influence of a woman’s love back of nearly EVERY ONE OF THEM.

     The emotion of love, in the human heart and brain, creates a favorable field of magnetic attraction, which causes an influx of the higher and finer vibrations which are afloat in the ether.

    Over the course of our 40+ years of marriage, it has become very evident that the flowing of love (tenderness, warmth,affection, intimacy, gentleness, caring, interest in each other, concern, and kindness) creates the rich garden bed for life to bloom at its fullest.


    When my love has not flowed as freely and full as I would wish, the memory of the good times draws me back to reality and what it takes to bring about the warmth I so much desire.


    This experience, having repeated itself over too many times, brings about the realization of the effect that strained love has in close relationship. Strained relationships can have a very negative effect on clarity and focus of mind. Clarity and focus is something we need in every aspect of life. This robs and dampens that favorable field of magnetic attraction, and the influx of the higher and finer vibrations, that would otherwise become apart of one’s being.

    Faith mixed with love is an integral part of our working together to bring about the growth and change we  need in all the various fields of our lives.