Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Anton Koker Stoughton, MA, United States

Posted: 2016-06-29


   I've heard and seen in many places on the interwebs a staircase analogy for faith - I don't know where the staircase is going, it's a winding staircase, but I just have to follow one step after another because I believe in where it is going, even though I cannot see it.

Knowing that it can be done, and just doing it.

   When I was a young engineer I had quit my job and went out on my own as a consultant. When the opporunity first arose, I didn't think I was taking too much of a risk, because the consulting company that found me a placement had agreed to guarantee me a minimum of 40 hours a week, at my full billing rate, for 52 weeks, whether there was a client or not. That turned out to be a good contract for me, as the first client contract, that was supposed to last for a full year, but was cut short due to an client labor dispute with it's employees. I actually received a full month's pay, while sitting at home doing nothing for any client. I did take the opportunity to embrace some training to keep my skills current. But, this was for my benefit. The consulting company found me a client that needed some odd-and-ends tasks completed, so I actually had something to do for my next month. Then, something incredible happened.
PC Configuration

   I was hired as a technical expert consultant to produce a run of completely configured desktop computers, for what was then a major, growing telecommunications company. They had originally taken a quote from the only big, computer engineering company of the day. The quote was almost triple what they believed it should cost. They assembled a team that consisted of one of their senior technical manager leads, a junior technician and me. They gave us 60 days to figure out how to pre-configure 400 computers, to an exacting specification of operating system and applications. The task was not only designed, but completed in only 45 days, and for one sixth of the original quote. The big engineering company was so astounded by the accomplishment, that their senior level executives requested and were granted a personal tour of our line. We continued our production line, over the next 3 years, expanded into configurations requested on demand (by an early version of email), and automated licensing processes. Although we were supported by a shipping and receiving department, and warehouse logistics personnel, the 3 technical guys produced 13,000 custom-configured, turn-key machines over that 3 year span of time. 
   When the project began, their management acted on faith that the initial task could be accomplished. To be honest, I had no clue of how exactly we were going to accomplish the task, at first. But, I accepted the contract on the faith (and confidence) that I would figure it out and succeed. Our success exceeded everyone's expectations, many times over.

My network marketing business. Using MFF.

   When I first got involved in Mentoring of Free, my sole desire was to get leads. I wasn't looking to get more leads - I had burned all of the ones I ever had, over the years. I was down to not having any leads at all. Initially, I was skeptical. I called into every conference. I listened to years of recorded calls. My initial mentor wasn't following the system very well, and I was left alone, to my own devices. Being truly plugged in requires a coach and mentor. It took me longer to figure a couple things out, but I had faith in the system. The training is honest and from the heart. I had heard and felt the energy and success vibes. And, I got leads. On demand. Like from a fawcet for a hose, I learned how to turn them on or off. My skepticism changed into a glimmer of faith. Each victory, each successful advance expands my vision, my desire, and my faith into again accomplishing something that exceeds even my most grandios expectations.

with gratitude and in service,
Tony Koker

P.S. How many times have you said your self-talk today?