Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Steve Johnson Orlando, Florida, Orange

Posted: 2016-06-28

 Chapter 3 : Faith,
   If we believe, anything is possible!
        by Steve Johnson
  How to develop FAITH!
 In order to develop faith, one must repeat that which one chooses to believe in on a regular basis to create that chosen belief.
 By thinking that money, success, romance, or desire is achievable, the way to obtain our desires will manifest and a plan or path will appear.
 Thought mixed with FAITH (positive belief) will lead us in the right direction. Our belief or FAITH will guide our subconscious mind to follow up and lead us in the right way.
 Start with saying....I have FAITH...
 As a child, we have overwhelming faith in our self. We over came obstacles daily. Remember climbing trees believing that you could climb so high you could touch the sky? Or jumping curbs or ramps on your bike like a pro?
 If we have faith as a child, or mustard seed, much can be obtained.
 This is my wish for myself and all my friends.
 Trust in yourself, belive, have FAITH!!  Thank you.
       Steve Johnson
       Orlando, Florida