Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Robertson Marietta, South Carolina, USA

Posted: 2016-06-28


As a child I was a bit mischievous. I am fortunate to have survived some of my escapades. I was especially fond of fire and explosives(fireworks)- a bad combination.


If it crashed, burned, exploded or careened skyward I was all in!


Oh yes, I got burned- many times.  One time pretty bad.  Probably came closer to blowing myself up than I care to admit.  


There must be guardian angles- I did survive.  By my early years in high school my fascination for destruction fueled an interest in science- chemistry to be precise.


Hill’s numerous references to “chemistry of faith” took me in this line of thought.


At the time I became keenly interested in why things exploded or burned.  Maybe it was a desire to possess or control the power of the magic element.


It was amazing to me that ordinary elements, like charcoal, potassium nitrate and sulfur- each alone having no significant power- could be prepared and combined in the proper ratio and produce a new substance of such an explosive nature.


Luckily I survived and can put a positive comparison to this tale and Hill’s formula!


Take the element of thought, a desire brought forth by the imagination-prepare it by emotionalizing it with one or more of the positive emotions. 


Add to it the element of faith which has been prepared and developed by the use of autosuggestion- repeated positive affirmations implanted in the subconscious mind.


The element of an organized, definite plan which is prepared by backing it with a decision and a commitment to the persistence to fully carry it out.


A mixing of these elements in this manner 

The transmuting of desire into it’s physical counterpart!


Only one step remains -  A BURNING DESIRE!!!


Let’s light this candle!!


Happy 4th of July- Independence Day!


Blessings and abundance to all!


Michael Robertson MIT(mentor in training)