Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Celia H. Burton New Castle, Delaware, United States

Posted: 2016-06-27

Faith is the basic principle that bible was established on. It is written that "without faith a man can not please God". It is also written that "Faith is the substance hoped for and the evidence of things unseen".  How important is it to have faith for mankind to achieve that which he desires? If a man wants to achieve a strong desire he must combine that desire with faith. Faith act as a catalyst that propels that which was conceived by a thought mixed with desire and strong emotions such as love and sex, stirrup and stimulate the mind to reach the subconscious mind. This stimuli reaches out from the subconscious mind to the infinite intelligence where it is then transmuted into an action plan; thus brings about the thought impulse into the physical realm. Preparing your mind and conditioning your mind through auto-suggestion brings about the faith needed to catapult that desire. It is worthy to note that faith is a state of mind, as is love which makes them closely related as the connectors to the spiritual part of man to the infinite intelligence. Hence prayer. Most prayers are emotional; as we pray our state of mind changes and you may feel things in your spirit well up with true emotions. This is because we reverence the connection we have to the Almighty infinite intelligence, God. I feel a positive presence, a warm sensation overcomes me. Sometimes driven to tears.

We must believe we can achieve before it is achieved, to me that is what faith is in the raw manner.  The mind is such a powerful tool. When cultivated brings whatever forethought that dominates the mind into existence.  It can be negative or positive. It is our duty to protect our thoughts by throwing up roadblocks to stop negative thoughts from entering our thought process and into the subconscious mind. We have learned that self-talk conditions the mind and is that roadblock. Repetition of a good sound and believable self-talk, limits the conscious mind's ability to feed off negative thoughts.

We need to be thinking positive thoughts all day and before we sleep. We can use Mr Hill's suggesed application of auto- suggestion to permeates our conscious and subconscious mind.  Saturation of positive thought brings about positive things.

To God be the Glory! for making man his crown achievement and giving us the tools or means by which we can obtain abundant blessing in what we often refer to as the real world..

Celia Burton

PS Lets start using our minds to bring about all types of goodness in this world, and seek change for the betterment of all mankind.