Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Ben Drake West Ryde, NSW, Australia

Posted: 2016-06-27

Do you believe You are able to achieve that goal or dream of Your desires? Or Do you sit back and listen to the fear, the opinions of others and their reality as to what they believe to be true with faith and belief in their reality more than Your own reality. Growing up we went to church and mass weekly, for years that was all that knew as faith. That was unaware of the faith belief within Myself and others; that was a new concept personally, that was needing to be learnt. Having that total belief within what was doing and aiming for as a goal or dream.

That would keep on going even after a rough start, mentors quitting, meeting the wrong person, unreturned calls, unreplied messages. All of these continue to build Your own faith within Yourself even when You have it all in a mess.

Napoleon Hills son Blair believed so much within in father that he believed he would hear just as Napoleon did. Despite hearing the opinions that Blair may be deaf and mute for life that when he came across a device that gave him hearing he was ecstatic and could hear normally. That he then devoted his life to helping those who were hard of hearing or deaf.

That is the kind of faith that we are needing to have within ourselves, the same kind of faith as the coloured girl who stood her ground and got the 50 cents for her mum. It's the same kind of faith that is needed by a man who proposes to a woman to get married that they are married. That they are even married for life despite the comments that come that persons way. That man has to believe that he is married for life to that woman or he is dust.

He needs to believe so firmly in that marriage, so firmly in having a family of his own. He has to believe so strongly about what his definite life purpose is that he can see himself doing that in his own mind well before it comes to reality. When he has that kind of faith and belief within himself and what he is doing it all falls into place. He gets what he’s asked for and much more. Faith is keeping on going despite hearing the opposition from those around You, Michael has told of when he wrote success in 10 steps that he sent a copy to industry leaders who he trusted.

Those leaders said don’t do this, Michael had so much faith in what he was going to do with mentoring for free that he removed those people from his life. Tore up their contact information and let them be. That is a strong faith on its own, that is the faith we all need in what we are doing.

That is where the saying from Michael of “That is Your reality, not mine” is so true and applicable that we have to use that saying in our lives when we have challenges of our faith and what we are doing. We have to stop listening to those comments to achieve our own goals and dreams. Catching ourselves out when needed by saying stop it.

Do You believe that You will own Your own life? That is the question that we need to ask ourselves. I am able to say that Yes I do believe that I am going to be on the gold coast of Queensland Australia by 29 May 2021, that we will be raising a family and earning an income from home. That we will be financially independent living a healthy active fit lifestyle. That I am also going to be tightened toned and firm, a coxswain who is helping to save lives in the community, attending amusement parks with family and friends and enjoying the day.

Do You believe that You are able to be tightened, toned and firm; living a healthy lifestyle? I am able to say yes that, also that every area I am doing in relation to My health is helping to get to that goal. Jut as believing the products enough helped to lose 40 kilos until started listening to opinions of others who were unsuccessful in achieving the desired results that had wanted. That listened to someone who had lost ½ the weight wanted to lose or listened to someone who was a diabetic and that kept playing within my own mind for many years. Owing to my own faith and belief in what that person was saying as truth.

Do You believe You are able to be a parent so much that You just keep on going until You are a parent?, Do You believe that You are going to be a success in network marketing so much that You keep on going until You eventually achieve that goal and have overcome all those obstacles which have stood in Your way.

That, My friends, is the power of faith, the willingness to go out there and keep on going despite those Obstacles that come up. We just keep on going until that time as We have learnt the skills and are a success in whatever we are looking to achieve. Refusing to give up.

Thank You to My amazing wonderful friends and mentors Michael and Linda Dlouhy, along with Ken Klemm for Your ongoing love, support, faith and belief within Myself till I was able to start believing in Myself. Thank You also to the most loving, amazing wife could ever ask for Jenny for Your own ongoing love, faith and belief.

Your friend for life,

We believe in You,

Big hugs

Ben Drake

West Ryde NSW Australia (soon to be from the gold coast Queensland Australia)