Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Bob Shoaf Sunny Alamogordo, NM, USA

Posted: 2016-06-09




If everyone who downloads Michael's ebook, STS, had a BURNING DESIRE to
accomplish their reason for downloading it, this chapter would be the only one

Take Edwin C. Barnes who demonstrated, "THOUGHTS ARE THINGS". He had no money.
He hoped a freight train, went to meet Edison, not to work for him, but to go
into business with him. Barnes accepted whatever job Edison offered so he would
be in the presence of Edison.

Our thoughts are very powerful. Michael demonstrates that with the "Kinesiology
Muscle Test". It may be found at For the non-
believer, it has been demonstrated with double blind tests.

By learning these 13 Steps or Principles in Hill's book, Think and Grow Rich, we
can attract anything and anybody we desire into our lives.

We are GUARANTEED success, if we are COACHABLE.

What does COACHABLE mean? It means:

   1. Beginning to developing ones "Why" from Chapter 2 of STS.
   2. Being on at least one of these calls each Wednesday.
   3. Posting lessons and speaking up on the calls.
   4. Reading other posted lessons, ideally all of them.
   5. Developing a relationship with other members.
   6. Learning the 13 Steps or Principles in this book.
   7. Other activities will present themselves as time passes.

This Wednesday studying of T&GR is, as far as we know, the most in depth and
complete training known. It is live, interactive and hands on.

There is another aspect, a critical aspect of the MFF training. We are given the
opportunity to put into practice what we are learning here on Wednesdays. I like
to think of it as On The Job Training (OJT). This is what we called it in my Air
Force days. We have a coach and a mentor to help us.

MFF has the complete package, beginning to whatever a person desires.

I thank Michael and Linda for having the BURNING DESIRE as Barnes did to create
MFF. To keep the BURNING DESIRE, for years, making MFF even better. This is an
example of our DESIRES growing as new opportunities present themselves.

I thank the members of each training session, who create a master mind group, as
Hill suggests. Without them, we would be a master mind of one. Each of us has
demonstrated over the years a master mind of one just does not work. That is why
we are here.

Bob Shoaf
Alamogordo, NM

PS: Here I get very personal and sometimes emotional when those who have
downloaded my ebook and are communicating with me on a regular basis. We too
form a master mind group as Hill suggests. I thank each and every one of them
for allowing me to communicate with them. We are helping each other on our road
to success. Thank you each one of you. I will believe in you, until you believe
in yourself.

My pledge to each one of you is that I will give you more support than you have
gotten prior to downloading my ebook.