Think & Grow Rich Lessons
Michael Robertson Marietta, South Carolina, USA

Posted: 2016-06-08

Hill states that the "only" thing man has complete control over is his thoughts.  I cannot control the weather, the economy, political environment or the guy next to me on the road and I cannot allow these uncontrollable events to influence my thinking.  


Indecision, doubt and fear are my mortal enemies.  Once I take note of and dwell on things beyond my control I provided fertile ground for these partners to grow.


I must look beyond the visible to the possible.  Action is necessary.  I cannot allow my mind to be on auto pilot, as my natural state of thinking is negative.  As I recently heard, "I must completely stomp out the 'ANT's invading the picnic.  Automatic Negative Thoughts. 


Positive self talk repeated is the only action that can obliterated the a-n-t s.  How many times?  As many and as often as necessary.


"I am having the best day of my life!" Dead ant.


"I consistently get successful ebook downloads from leaders who send me their why!"  Stomp- dead ant.


"I breath in abundance because it completely surrounds me!"  Stomp.


"I am a highly successful professional network marketer and I know exactly what to say and do!"  Dead, dead ant.


The two roads, poverty thinking, prosperity thinking, run opposite.  Woe to me if I decide to choose the wrong direction. Just as bad is not being all in an flip flopping in the middle.


Michael Robertson